Graduation In Her Words

I can’t deny I was abandoning the blog since I registered it at the end of last year. Well, New Years’ resolution number one was to add to it a little more frequently and that means a fresh start writing with an immense joy.

Melissa graduated last year, and well, let’s let her tell you how it went.

For some time I decided to fully dedicated myself to my final project, the dreaded, school of advertising and it’s finally time to celebrate all the hard work and dedication I conferred not only this work as in the whole course.

As a way to redeem myself, although I don’t really like to post my personal photos here, I assure you that from now on you will see more! For those who want to, can also accompany me for my eternal addiction called Instagram. There I post almost everyday … You can follow me there!

Well, first we started with the day of the mass in which we appreciate this step completed and ask a lot of blessing for our future paths. The deal we all go, so below are some of the combinations that appeared there.

The next day was the day of the Dinner.

To celebrate this occasion I chose a dress of Patricia Bonaldi in tulle and lace applications.

The DKNY used this model in nude color (last season). When I went to the store was the time of black and gold and ended up falling in love.

For the feet, invest in 160 mm Daffodil model from Christian Louboutin! And well, you like that? I want honest opinions.

And continuing Marathon of celebrations, the next day was the day of the prom. The most glamorous day of graduation.

To this day I chose another model Patricia Bonaldi, but the short length dress line.

Like dance has the traditional Waltz, is mandatory the use of long dress As I am not a big fan of long, I ended up falling in love and buying the traditional model of Patricia Bonaldi short. However, I ended up talking with Patricia and I was suggested to use the same tulle the neckline for the long skirt … and even with the alternative that I could take after the waltz and more comfortable to enjoy the party!

The comfort was so much that I ended up going up on stage and dance with the band!

I hope you like! Kiss!

Well it really sounds like she got a lot of out the moment, and that is exactly what you should do as well. When you work hard on your diploma it only makes sense to celebrate.