Ideas For A Nautical Or Navy Academy Graduation Party

Graduations come really quickly. If you are planning a nautical party then a signal flag banner would make a nice decoration. Regardless of whether you have someone from a Naval Academy graduation or just planning to have a nautical theme, this could be a souvenir. The first picture shows GRADS spelled in our horizontal banner.

The next picture shows the word CONGRATULATIONS in the signal flag. Although this image is in the tropics, you can always hang it between any 2 trees. Also with this banner if you choose you could use it for other occasions.

Another idea is to spell the name candidates in the signal flag. Either the first or last name. This will be a lasting memorial in years and a reminder of that special day.

Signal Flag Banners

There are so many different uses for the numbers: boat numbers, years, radio call signs, etc.

Below is an example of a graduation party with the help of the current year (2010). If you are planing a high school, college or any other party, graduation, combination of both flag and pennants would be great!

These flags are usually 8 inches wide at the top and tapers to 3 inches wide at the bottom. They are 12 inches long, with a casing of about 1 inch. The Cabinet is 1 in the whole of horizontal banners and 1-5/16 on valance flag, so the flags will glide over a standard curtain rod.

One thing I wanted to mention is that we think the pennants will look good on either horizontal rope banners or capes. But we do not recommend pennants for our vertical ladders. Of course, it is your choice, but with the pennants will be 12 in a long time, it would make for a strangely out-of-balance banner on the verticals.