More Nautical Themed Graduation Party Ideas

Yesterday I posted about a special type of celebration, the nautical, in the sense of a Naval Academy graduation. Well I thought that that might be a little over the heads of most hosts so I decided to expand on the idea with some layman party ideas.

A nautical theme could be used for any number of different types of parties to a summer BBQ, graduation party, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday or even summer 4th of July celebration. (Or just-because-get-together, just so you could throw a nautical party!)

The color scheme tends to lean heavily on navy blue, but the great thing is you can choose your accent colors. Red is the most common for the theme, and it requires that they are patriotic, thus 4th of July celebration. There is also a lot of pairing with light or bright pink or blue. Mint is very in right now is often paired with navy. These colors tend to work best when they contrast well with the navy. The pop against the dark color and is very striking together. Below is the founder of all different color schemes!

Make sure you find a tablecloth that has horizontal stripes or chevron. The accent a large part of the decorations and bring more texture than a solid colored tablecloth.


  1. Anchor Toothpicks
  2. Life Saver Mints tied to napkins
  3. Life Saver Tutorial on Glasses
  4. Drink Cooler
  5. Ribbon Wreath
  6. Sail Sign
  7. Anchor Garland
  8. Sail Boat Table Decor
  9. Octopus Pinata
  10. Giant Squid


  1. Octopus Dip
  2. Sail Boat Cookies
  3. Sardines and other fish
  4. Gold Fishes crackers
  5. Anchor Cookies
  6. Blue and white mini donuts