The Basics

It will be the season again soon, spring, which means that a lot of people are planning a graduation party in the next few months. We will help you with the basics along with some resources to get to the details.

Here is some great information that will get you to give a big graduation party in no time.

  1. The Date
  2. The Theme
  3. The Budget
  4. The Guests
  5. The Host

The Date

Your new graduate will probably his best friends to the party, so the first thing you need to know before planning a graduation party is when all others are planning their. Graduation parties can be scheduled as early as the first weekend in June through the end of July or, depending on how all of the different schools are done.

So you might have to change or have a weekend party on a Saturday instead of a Sunday, or vice versa, if you want to have as many guests invited as possible.

The Theme

The first decision you and your nominee must make is, what kind of graduation party they would like to have.

Large families with lots of friends sometimes choose to keep two separate events: one for the family and friends of the family and teen. While some graduates and their parents like the idea of a formal sit-down dinner, others are drawn towards a backyard BBQ, potluck or appetizer buffet.

Graduation party open houses is a flexible option if you plan to celebrate at home.

The Budget

This is an important step.

Without a budget, you’ll find yourself spending money, well, let’s face it, should not be used. Your budget will dictate what type of party hosts, how many you can invite and what food and beverages you can deliver.

You might consider talking to other graduates, families and see about having a common celebration. All shares in the costs and clean-up of the party.

Joint parties may take some effort but responsibility sharing hosting a big party is often worth the effort.

The Guests

Graduation parties are all about the graduate, then you really need to think about them first.

If they want their friends and their friends ‘ parents to be invited, be sure to include them and get their addresses for invitations. After the graduate’s friends are on the list, add your close family and friends, too.

Even gentlemen if you socialize with your colleagues outside of work too.

When addressing invitations, do it in a way that makes it clear who is invited.

For example, if you invite a couple and their children, you may want to address the invitation to the “Eli and Roberta Jones and Family” or just “the Joness.”

If you do not invite children, can you address the invitation as “Eli and Roberta Jones.”

The Host

The end of May and beginning of June is usually months full of fantastic weather in most parts of the country (barring an afternoon thunderstorm or shower).

Many families choose to keep their graduation party outdoors, either in their homes, a park or a beach.

Still, other popular locations include restaurants, community meeting rooms and churches. Select your party location based on the number of persons you must accommodate and convenience.

Graduation Party Resources